AYESHA ABDUL-FATTAAH’S Essay #1 Reflection

I believe that writing is an important form of expression. It is almost everlasting, as we are able to read people’s writings from the beginning of time and apply it to whatever we want in our time. I believe that writing is a necessary tool and can help one manage emotions. When writing in my journal, I use my pen to place any inner turmoil onto the paper, it heals me. Writing can communicate thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. in a specific way, unlike any other form of communication. This class is further teaching me how to use writing to communicate ideas and thoughts with others. This class is also teaching me how to analyze what I am reading and apply it to other texts as well as in real life. What I am learning in this class does not necessarily aid me in using writing as a way to deal with my emotions. However, I am able to write about what I feel passionate about, as I am allowed to choose my topics. 

I tried to make a timed plan for this essay, finishing one source a day from the time of 7:30 to 9:30. I used to do this in my freshman and sophomore year of high school when I went to a community school. This approach failed, I ended up submitting my final essay days after the extended due date. One reason why this approach failed is because I allotted time during the night to work on this assignment, rather than during the day. My anxiety increases during the nighttime, making it hard to do stressful things. Sometimes I would end up falling asleep while trying to do it. Another reason this strategy failed is because I prioritized work from my other classes as well as responsibilities I have throughout the week. Only giving myself 2 hours a day to work on this essay was not realistic, and I was in a bad space mentally. To cope with my anxiety, I avoid the very thing that is contributing to my anxiety. For our next essay, I will make more time during the day to work on the assignment. I want to schedule time each day so I am not struggling to finish the entire thing within one day. I also will do breathing exercises to cope with my anxiety, continue going to therapy, and I plan on doing yoga again in the mornings and at night. 

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  1. Marat Potapov
    Hi Ayesha I really liked how you talked about writing being a form of expression. I personally believe that writing is one of the most important and best form of self expression, and people tend to underestimate the power it poses. Also applying what you are learning from your writing to your life is something that is always important, it can rise one's skill and ones expression of ones ideals. A lot of good points within your reflection that i am able to relate with. Good job, and good luck with the next essay.
    • Ayesha Abdul-Fattaah
      Thank you for responding! Have a good rest of your week:)!

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