Essay #1 Reflection

Through writing, we want to make sure we provide our thoughts and ideas in a clear way which pertain to the subject we are writing about. An essential part of a good literary work is having an interest or passion in the ideas we are showcasing as writers. When we are writing, we must make sure we are attempting to fulfill everything that is required for that piece. We should also be able to showcase our purpose and the intended audience for that literary work, as well as gather sufficient research or evidence in order to provide a well written piece. In this assignment, our purpose was to rhetorically analyze four different sources and connect them to a single social conflict. The strategies I used were to gather my ideas and try to organize them in a way for the readers to understand the purpose. For my first draft, I showcased the different elements of a rhetorical analysis in separate sections in order to have my ideas organized. After having received feedback about areas where I can improve on, I chose to organize my ideas into an essay format. From this experience, I was able to improve in the way I elaborate on certain ideas that I bring up throughout the essay.  I believe the feedback I received has helped me improve the way I analyzed the articles by finding better quotes to support my ideas as well as connecting different sources together to show the importance of those articles. As I continue writing, I know that I can make further improvements in many aspects in order to become a better writer.


Comments ( 2 )

  1. Jiajie Liang
    I like your opinion about the idea of a good literature to instill passion. It has been a bad factor to keep looking for ideas in our articles in the information because it lacks our own thinking. So generating an interesting subject idea is one way to improve literature.
  2. Alice Liu
    I agree with your method and the idea that feedback is essential to make an essay better. I had readers who read my essay and they helped me realize that the structure you did in your 1st draft, was to redundant and so I changed it into an essay type of format where I was able to expand on my ideas and connect the concepts like the purpose and the stance together. Then the peer review allowed people to catch mistakes that I wasn't able to detect.

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