Essay 1- Reflection

Writing as a concept is not a completely foreign to me, as an avid reader from a young age I became accustomed to the various genres of writing early even if I could only understand what brought me pleasure and what did not. I have always favored fiction over non fiction and now, after this assignment, I am aware that when reading or writing a piece I tend to gravitate toward a feature. Coming into this course I believed in order to write well one must initially draw interest, maintain engagement throughout, and leave a lasting impression. Thus far my view has not changed. However, this lesson on rhetorical situation and the subsequent essay have brought awareness to the many intricacies behind good writing. I am newly enthused by the knowledge that any previous partiality I have developed toward authors can be contributed to more than mere preference of style. “Style” is something intentional that can be identified and evaluated while reading, essentially—the how behind the what. I know this is only the beginning of acquiring important information about composition and its many nuances that will be of lasting value for me. Though I have never considered myself a writer, often exercising a figure it out as you go technique, obtaining a deeper fundamental understanding of writing methods and tools will unquestionably encourage more confidence in my writing going forward.


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  1. Elena Yu Xu
    I agree with you that when one's is interested in reading a certain topic, it would be easier when it comes to analysis. I also appreciate your enthusiasm as an avid reader, because as you said, you would know more about the techniques and methods of writing after you looked at other people's works. Getting good writing is a process we need to work hard to improve and develop it.
  2. Edward Quezada
    Finding interest in a subject someone is writing about is definitely essential when it comes to a good writing piece. I will also agree with you on the idea that gaining a better understanding on writing methods will benefit our confidence as writers.
  3. Andrey Musin
    Its really cool that you left this writing assignment with a greater appreciation for different types of writing you may have not appreciated before. I think just that result is worth the effort you put into your writing!

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