Essay #2 Report on Research in Progress

After researching, I have found some sources that I think will be useful for my essay. This report contains the impotence and a brief description of my collected sources. 

The first article I researched is called “The impact of heavy and disordered use of games and social media on adolescents’ psychological, social, and school functioning”. I found this article with the help of professor Harris, in Gale Academic OneFile. In this text, the authors explain the impact of the enormous usage of social media in the development of adolescents. It also mentions the “Conceptualization of ofIGD and SMD”, which suggests that it causes loss of control, preoccupation, problems, tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, and coping/escapism. The text indicated the negative consequences of IGD and SMD such as loneliness, depression, low self-esteem, poorer school grades, and lower psychological well-being. I believe this study report helps my claim since it talks about the physiological and social impact of social media on adolescents. It is a study report that uses examples from real-life persons, which supports my argument entirely. 

One source that I am considering using, but about which I am still unsure is called “The Social Media Disorder and Ostracism in Adolescents: (OSTRACA- SM Study).” I found this article in Gale Academic OneFile. Credibility can be determined with the bibliography that it has on the button of the essay.  This article provides a research report conducted on young people and their usage of social media. The article tries to define the risk factors of SMD and ostracism in adolescents and analyze the association between the two. It is a detailed study report, where all occasions are taken into consideration, such as adolescents who do not work, those who have a single parent, those who have bad grades, etc. I feel like this article is important because it shows the factual report of social media use by adolescents, but at the same time does not provide enough argumentative reasons for the impact of social media, that is why I feel uncertain. 

One source I  found while conducting my research but have discarded is called “How social media affects the mental health of teenagers”. The article identified some issues that social media has brought to adolescents such as sleep deprivation, low self-esteem, face news portraying fake photoshopped persona, etc. The article also talks about how to limit the time of social media and gives suggestions such as restrict access, monitor, etc. The reason I am discarding this source is its credibility since it is not a peer-reviewed article. I found this article while I was searching on google to have a general idea of the problems/ impacts of social media. 

The last source I found is called “Pilot data supporting an attachment‐based theory of adolescent social media use”. I found this article while searching in the BMCC Library. This article is located in the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. This article is a pilot data report on the use of social media by adolescents. It reports new studies and changes in adolescents’ behavior over the years. The article suggests that social media is making adolescents behave a certain way. Adolescents seem to care mote for social comparison and feedback‐seeking, which results in serious consequences for the child and adolescent mental health. I think this article is useful for my essay since it determined the causes of social media on adolescents and further explores the changes in behavior over the years. 

I am unsure as to what my essay research is missing, however, I do think some videos of adolescents speaking up about social media use would be helpful to watch, even though that would not be an obsolete source.

Ergun, Gul. “The Social Media Disorder and Ostracism in Adolescents: (OSTRACA- SM Study)”. Vol. 52, Issue 2). The Eurasian Journal of Medicine. AVES.  June 2020 

Venta, Amanda, Harmon, Jennifer. “Pilot data supporting an attachment‐based theory of adolescent social media use”. The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health.  April 2019

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Eijnden Van Den, Regina. “The impact of heavy and disordered use of games and social media on adolescents’ psychological, social, and school functioning”. Gale Academic One File. September 2018










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  1. Ayesha Abdul-Fattaah
    Hi Erezana! Reading your sources made me think of when my father assigned me to write an essay when I was little about how television and video games effect children's brains. I remember finding a lot of pros and a lot of cons. Your topic also reminds me of an article I read in high school. This article highlighted how the use of social media causes higher levels of anxiety in American students than ever before. Myself, as well as others in the class, have most likely experienced both the negative and positive consequences that comes from using social media. I see it even in my 11 year old sister. I think you are doing a good job attaining your sources and choosing which fits best with your essay. Like you said, I also think adding a source that includes direct words from adolescents would be helpful. I wish you a happy writing! Thank you! - Ayesha

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