Essay #2 Research Proposal

Question: How can we improve the quality of the education system?

Publication name: Inside Higher Ed

Model essay: Bok, Derek. “Inside Higher Ed.” How to Improve the Quality of Higher Education (Essay), 2017, 

This is my research topic because this question initially interested me since this was a similar topic for my last essay and I wanted to research more about it. This is an important social issue because I feel like there are a lot of things wrong with the quality of the education system. I want to understand ways to improve this system so that students can have a successful future and learn effectively. I can relate to this social issue because I’ve also experienced some of the flaws of the system such as having teachers that aren’t professional or aren’t dedicated to teaching students. There are other major issues such as defining grades to be the most important thing in life. I feel like students need to have a balance between their studies and what they do in their free time. This creates some sort of pressure for students to succeed and have high expectations for them. Furthermore, I believe that the method the system implements isn’t ideal since it mostly deals with memorization of a subject rather than a hands-on approach which I feel like should be how the system teaches. I feel that people need to be conscious of this situation especially parents because it is the foundation of nurturing young children into becoming successful in the future. For the growth and development of the students, a flawed system would not be desirable because it would negatively impact them in the future. Students often tend not to study properly in the classroom and doing a lot of homework can have a negative effect on them as it can put pressure on them. This kind of expectation can potentially result in depression and hopelessness. I believe it needs to be more lenient on the students and implement better teaching methods. The education system needs its attention on its students rather than trying to teach every student the same method because every student learns and adapts to material differently. I conclude that students need to be more lenient and adopt improved methods of teaching. Instead of attempting to teach each student the same methodology, the education system needs its emphasis on its students because each student learns and adapts differently to content.


The model essay I chose was  “How to Improve the Quality of Higher Education” published by Inside Higher Ed. This relates to my research because it addresses the issues within the quality education system and potential solutions on how to fix the quality of it. The model essay uses studies to observe how students are performing at a higher education.  Furthermore, the essay conducts its own research on how to improve the quality of education and increase the number of students who completed their education. This essay would help me craft some ideas revolving around my question. My audience would be mainly educators since they are mainly in charge of ensuring the education of students. They need to understand possible solutions in improving the quality of American education so the students can be nurtured well and not fall victim of the flaws of the system such as being pressured to perform well due to the certain expectations it has. I plan to complete my research for my secondary sources by the end of the week.

Works cited

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Comments ( 4 )

  1. Edward Quezada
    Hey Hasseb, your topic is really interesting and a good subject to do research about. I definitely agree with your ideas of the flaws in the education system, especially when it is negatively affecting many students. Your information of the issue shows you are very interested in this topic as well which will help make your essay strong.
  2. Erezana Morina
    Hi Haseeb, I enjoyed reading your topic proposal. I feel like your topic is very important because it affects so many young generations. I also experienced having teachers who are not dedicated to teaching. I look forward to reading your final essay!
  3. Marat Potapov
    Hey Haseeb, awesome topic to choose. I thought about choosing a version of the same topic but more focusing on what the system does to kids mentality often leading them to depression. This is a very important topic and affects everyone and all future generations. Reform is needed, and I hope it comes soon. Good topic, cant wait to read your paper!
  4. Chao Hong
    While reading your essay proposal I found myself also thinking about this problem. Like you said the education system isn't truly ideal, which is why many countries have different education systems compared to us in the US. So obviously, I was wondering how we can improve our education system, and which country is currently excelling in this field.

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