Essay #2 Research Topic Reflection

My initial research question is “What are the effects of social media on adolescents?”. I want to write about social media impact on our lives. I believe it is really important because we live in a world where everyone in social media is exposed to cyber-bullying, depression, suicide, fake news, rumor spreading, unrealistic views of other people’s lives, and peer pressure. I want to further research the impact of social networks that are negatively affecting adolescent’s lives, increasing suicide rates, and depression. The use of social media by adolescents has dramatically increased over the decades. Along with that, it has caused many problems in society. Today, you are judged if you do not have an Instagram account and peer-pressured to post your lives on social media. I also feel like this social issue is not discussed frequently, and people are used to living in a world like this. However, it is important to emphasize where the problem is coming and try to solve it. I also understand the positive advantages of social networking, however, the negative impacts overdo the problem. Also, the overuse of social media affects people’s sleep schedules.  To sum up, I decided to choose this question because I recently watched a documentary about how social media impacts our lives, called “The Social Dilemma”. I was touched and horrified by this documentary because it explored the ideas of financial gain through the rise of using social networks. 


Comments ( 2 )

  1. Emily Sanchez
    This topic is one that isn't addressed as often as it should be, children as young as 10 are being given cell phones and allowed access social media which does result in some underlying issues. I think it's a great question to research and I can't wait to further read your essay.
  2. Fahmida Akter
    The topic you picked is really interesting because kids are getting cell phones at a such young age as Emily also said. It is giving them access to social media really quickly. Social media creates so much problems that people dont talk about as often. For example, cyberbullying can cause a confident person lose confidence over time. I am really looking forward to learning something new from your essay.

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