Essay #2 Research Topic Reflection

Although I would like to discuss the issue I previously wrote about, there are a few questions that I believe are also important to touch upon:

How does the sexualization of women in the media affect girls at a young age?

In today’s society, younger individuals as young as 11 years old struggle with confidence and being comfortable with their body because the media idolizes female celebrities and models that are overly sexualized and put pressure on girls to strive for that image. The advancement in technology and popularization of social media platforms such as instagram, snapchat, and tik tok has made it more accessible to young girls now, making them feel like they have to live up to those standards. To further expand on this question, I want to research topics that involve young girls who are given access to ideals like these and how that has impacted not only their mental health, but their self image.

How does the negligence of kids in the foster care system lead to drug abuse and homelessness?

Kids within the foster care system are placed in foster homes and become victims of child abuse, other kids age out and eventually are put out into the world with nothing to fall back on. Some of these individuals end up relying on drugs, prostitution or criminal activity to get by. The reason I want to address this topic is because I knew a girl who was a victim to these situations, she had a burn scar from an abusive foster father who burned her with a cigarette, although she eventually was blessed with a great family that adopted her, she went through some harsh times and she’s not the only one. Numerous kids are just placed in foster homes without a proper background check and are put through difficult, unbelievable situations which usually lead drug abuse and homelessness. I want to further research this topic by searching for connections between the neglect from foster care systems, the problems these children face, and the outcomes.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Jaden Fabro
    Both of these topics are very important issues and I find them both to be incredibly interesting! For your first question, I would also like to bring up that even before Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and other social media platforms were around, the sexualization of women, in general, has already existed. I think if you choose that topic, the history behind this sexualization may be able to explain why it continues to happen today. For your second question, I actually don't know much about the topic, but regarding the reason to why you choose it, I think your passion towards it will lead you to willingly do some great research!
  2. Hudibel Ovalles
    Hi! I have to admit that I'm in love with both of your topics. I think they both have the potential to explode your head until a world of ideas. Your first topic is one of the issues I think about it a lot, more now with the new generations. I believe you have a spotlight on this topic that only you can make it shine. I see how it passion you, and I know you'll do a great job!

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