Essay #2 – Research Topic Reflection

Question: How does earning a college degree impact the outcome of an individual in the United States?

When exploring the assignment description, I was originally unsure of what I wanted to write about considering the variety of topics we are able to choose from. However, I decided to focus on subjects that relate to me as an individual in the United States. As a freshman in college, the impact a college education has on someone’s life is a question I can ask myself today. In addition, there are millions of teenagers and young adults around the country who most likely have this exact question in mind as they plan to attend a college or university. Current college students who are unsure of what careers to pursue may also have this question in mind as they continue their education.

The idea of going to college is seen as a traditional next step in a students’ education around the United States after completing high school. Obtaining a college degree has been taught as a necessity for an individual to “succeed” in their future. This idea was consistently brought up throughout our education as we grew older and closer to the completion of high school. From teachers to our own parents or family, society has encouraged us to pursue a career through college because it will ultimately benefit us and our future. By further exploring this question through research, I will compare and contrast the various perspectives that individuals have towards the college education system. Furthermore, I will explore the statistical outcomes of having a degree as well as the impact of not having a college education. This is not a simple yes or no question about college, but rather a question that explores the many viewpoints society has about this matter.

Comments ( 4 )

  1. Alice Liu
    I'm really glad your exploring this topic, especially a topic that all if not many of us can relate to. I agree that college is a very traditional step that everybody thinks that everybody should do after graduating high school, however that is not the case. There are different paths that one can take, and I'm really glad that you're shedding a light on this issue. I think that the way you're going to approach this issue in terms of researching is brilliant. I would love to read your essay.
  2. Elena Yu Xu
    I am really excited that you came up with this idea about exploring the outcome of having a college degree and how it affects us in our future. After that, I also agree that most of the people are unsure about what they really want at the beginning, and how going to college is part of our steps to "succeed". I am looking forward to look at your research and I know it would be really helpful to solve most of the people's and students' doubts.
  3. Aditya Sankar Das
    Hi Edward, I think you choose a very interesting topic. When I was a senior in high school, I was undecided about starting college for my career. Because some students make more money without going to college. But I want to experience college life and build-up my knowledge. I am so glad that you came up with a topic that is so related to me. I am very interested to read your essay. But I will suggest you find some good sources to support different viewpoints of society. Good luck with your essay.
  4. Christine Castillo
    A great choice for your research topic, the societal expectation of a college degree is far more prevalent now than ever before. It should be fascinating to compare and contrast both statistics and personal reflections on this subject. As well as possibly investigating acquired debt to income projections and the long term value of a post secondary education when compared to the immediate financial burden presented to students upon completion.

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