Essay #2 – Research Topic Reflection

My initial research question would be “What are some causes of depression and how it affects students in their daily lives in the United States?” I initially came up with this question by thinking about some of the common issues the students have in their daily lives, but I also wanted it to be related to schools and other outside causes. I think this issue is important because nowadays many teenagers and students are having different difficulties and matters that influence their mood and behavior toward certain things, and might even drive to their misconduct actions due to their lack of calm and thinking of clarity in its consequences. After that, I also want to know how this issue drove them to this cause and what some of the common effects are to the students, and how most of the people manage it. In other words, I would like to know how we as students can do to manage these feelings of depression and what are some of the strategies to calm ourselves down and get some of the comforts after all this. With all of these in mind, I plan to explore my research question through some of the open webs at first and then move on to reading relevant articles and to look for some scholarly sources to give some of the basic ideas of this issue, and also to look for the answer later on. This research focuses on how some people hold different ideas and views toward this question on depression in teenage ages.

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Marat Potapov
    I think your research paper topic question is a very good one and is definetly worth exploring. I am personally writing about school shootings. So this is linked to mine to a degree. I am also interested in ways people can calm down to avoid disaster such as suicide, school shootings, or otherwise. Good topic question look forward to reading more.
  2. Edward Quezada
    This social issue is very important to further explore as it is affecting people from our own generation. Your research plan to analyze the impact this social conflict has on people as well as the possible solutions to this issue is a great way to approach this essay.
  3. Haseeb Chaudhury
    This is a good topic to research because depression negatively affects an individual's behavior and thinking. I'm writing about solutions to improve the American education system and I believe that it might be one of the roots of a teenager's depression because of how flawed the system is in how much stress it creates on its students as well as the expectations.
  4. Miranda McCants
    Great topic reflection! I like your topic simply because I feel like mental illness isn't talked about much especially to younger students, and I have personally seen people I know commit suicide because they did not speak about it and seek help.
  5. Jiajie Liang
    I like the research question about depression. In adolescence, having depression is becoming more common for students. Many people with depression choose to end their lives because they can't take the depression anymore, so controlling the progression of depression is really worth researching and exploring.

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