Essay #2 – Research Topic Reflection

My research question as of right now is “What causes school shootings, and how is this linked to the education system and social media?”. The reason I decided to choose this research question is because for a while now when me and my fellow classmates were having debates regarding topics such as school shootings we often only focused on the guns. Gun laws are important however I believe the issue is more geared towards the students themselves. People used to say that committing a murder splits your soul and takes part of it. To go from that to annual school shootings in America where hundreds die is a big leap. To have the mentality to commit such an act one would almost have to go through hell. However, we have kids going into schools and killing each other. Guns should be limited yes; however, I don’t think that will solve the problem. If someone decides “I will go kill people in my school and then kill myself” they will end up finding another way to do it. So, an approach from the psychological perspective might be the way to go, to avoid kids from even having a thought such as that. So, therefore I chose this research question, to see what causes these crazy acts and how we can help people calm down to avoid it.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Christine Castillo
    Marat I like the perspective you are taking approaching this topic. Exploring the impact of social media and the social psychological influences surrounding an individual who commits a mass shooting will be very interesting research and I am anxious to read what you discover. This is a very important issue that greatly impacts all of our lives.
  2. Haseeb Chaudhury
    This is an interesting approach in that the education system and social media affect the behavior and thinking of a student. I'm also researching ways on how to improve the American education system and I believe that the system creates a lot of stress on its students which negatively affects their thinking. I also think social media plays somewhat of a role because some people might not get enough attention which would have a psychological impact on feeling a sense of worthlessness.
  3. Jiajie Liang
    I am very interested in your research questions. It is horrible that school gun cases happen in the US, but still many of them happen. The way to stop gun cases from happening is to lead more kids in education to ban dangerous items like firearms. It is more about inhibiting students from having bad thoughts.

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