Essay #2-Research Topic Reflection

What are the primary contributing factors to rising U.S. crime rates during the Covid-19 Pandemic? After reading an article a few months ago in the NY Times that violent crime in New York City was up by 50 percent and continuing to see an increase in reports of criminal activity each morning on the news, I decided to use this as my initial question for the research essay. I would like to align my paper with that of an informative/explanatory genre as I am truly inquisitive as to what factors may be of significance in this surge of delinquency. When reflecting on the weight of my initial inquiry I found myself with a long list of follow up questions: Is the rise due to a general unrest and agitation due to stay-at-home orders and wide sweeping loss of financial security? Are de-fund the police protests and riots subsequently contributing to a decrease in law enforcement? Are higher numbers of homeless and displaced individuals a factor in this recent increase of misconduct? What about the early release of violent criminals due to Covid-19 concerns within penitentiaries? Are regional discrepancies suggestive and do greater crime statistics correlate with highest infection rates? Or does it ultimately come down to political polarization and a country divided during an unprecedented and life altering global outbreak? From the reading I gather that the development and refinement of the actual research question is largely what this assignment centers around. I hope throughout this process  I am able to accomplish focusing my subject and investigation in a clear and structured essay that may offer clarity and enlightenment regarding this recent unsettling increase in crime.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Edward Quezada
    Crime rate is an important social issue to explore considering how it has grown in recent times around the country. Your list of follow up questions is great to have because this list will ultimately help you target the necessary points to make your essay strong.
  2. Andrew Mark Salmieri
    The amount of thought you put into this topic is very much evident in the questions you posed in this reflection. You are certainly on the right path. I feel like the crime rates have went up during COVID-19 because of the financial insecurity that has swept across this country. Spiked unemployment and job loss usually leads to more crime. I think your essay is going to come out great. You got this!
  3. Richard
    A great research topic considering how high crime rates have spiked in just one year, it would be interesting to understand the reasoning behind it so hopefully, people can solve it faster.

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