Essay #2-Research Topic Reflection

My research question is how can we improve the American education system? I came up with this question because this was a similar topic for my last essay and I wanted to research more about it. This is important because there are many flaws within the American education system and I want to understand ways in how to improve this system. There are many issues such as teaching students that grades are the most important thing in life which creates pressure within students to perform within certain expectations. Furthermore, I feel that the system relies more on the memorization aspect of the subjects rather than teaching students how to understand it. Are politicians aware of how bad our education system is? I feel like people need to be aware of this situation since it is the cornerstone of nurturing children and for them to become successful. A broken system would not be ideal for the growth and development of our youth because it would greatly affect them in the future. Students tend to not learn properly in the classroom as well and having a lot of homework can affect them negatively since it can create stress on them. This can potentially result in depression and hopelessness because of how flawed our education system is. I believe it needs to be more lenient on the students and implement better teaching methods. The education system needs its attention on its students rather than trying to teach every student the same method because every student learns and adapts to material differently. I want to know about more solutions on how to improve the current American education system. I plan to explore this question in my research by looking at various articles that address this issue and highlighting key ideas that resonate in how to improve the American education system.

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  1. Miranda McCants
    I greatly enjoyed reading your topic reflection! I like how you want to further your writing with the same topic, as do I. I caught an interest to your topic simply because there are a lot schools located in lower class neighborhoods that do not have a great education system simply because of the neighborhood and I feel that it isn't fair to those children, and I greatly feel that something needs to be done. Good luck on your essay!
  2. Andrew Mark Salmieri
    I second Miranda's sentiments. There are a lot of inequalities that are present in the American education system. I feel like it has a lot to do with the decentralized nature of our system and it is up to each state to administer their education. This is why some states like Mississippi, for example, lag so far behind states like New York, New Jersey, California, etc. Additionally, many low-income neighborhoods receive less funding than high-income ones, and that certainly needs to be addressed! Good luck with your research and essay. You're going to do great!
  3. Andrew Mark Salmieri
    and how it is up to each state tp administer their education*

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