Essay #1 Reflection

Originally, whenever I thought about writing a type of poem, essay, report, I thought about it as an assignment more than a way of learning. Now, as I read through the feedback I received, it helped an immense amount to make me acknowledge the things I needed help with and to understand that writing is definitely something I need to work on through practice. I’ve never been big on writing, so everything I’m learning doesn’t contradict any information I previously knew, besides MLA format because growing up you’re taught you only need your name and a title and then write as much as you can, but the format does help to organize my work. Adapting this new information into my style of writing was difficult because I didn’t know how to word certain sentences to give the reader a better understanding. As well as having to look back at the articles and try to draw out who the audience would be, it was proven a bit difficult because I couldn’t find any parts of the text that helped me come to a conclusion, most of the essay was about interpreting, something I still struggle with. When first reading the feedback on my work, I got a little stressed because I didn’t realize I would have to rewrite almost my entire essay, however, the steps I took to approach revising my essay helped to improve my analysis a bit better. I started by rereading every article one by one, and as I finished one article I went back to my essay and I read over the feedback before attempting to take a new approach on my analysis. It helped to fix my essay because I didn’t just overwhelm myself with all the changes I needed to make, instead I took my time to read each article carefully and then read the small corrections presented to me with that one article before I moved on to the second one.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Jaden Fabro
    I was also a bit overwhelmed with the amount of revision I had to get done but in the end, I also appreciated how it forced me to really understand the articles I had chosen. Like you, I went through our professor's comments and suggestions one at a time, taking my time with each article. I also found her follow up questions very helpful in expanding the analysis in my paper.
  2. Richard
    Amazing that you got passed the realization of having to redo an entire essay and actually did it with a lot of effort.
  3. Chao Hong
    It is also the first time I wrote a rhetorical essay. At first, I was confused with the format and how the essay will be written, but after writing my rhetorical essay I can see many cases where this format is extremely helpful, especially when reading and analyzing a text.

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