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Essay#1 Reflection

Posted by Erezana Morina on

I believe writing is a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts in a paper when sometime no one wants to hear. I was eager to write about abortion and learn so many things along the way. It felt like becoming an expert in the field. At first, I was rushed to find the sources which I thought would make things more difficult but it turned out perfectly. The rhetorical analysis helped me understand what the author is trying to project and inform. I really liked the feedback part. I received feedback from a student and the professor, which was very helpful since I was not knowledgeable of some recurring mistakes I made throughout the paper. This contradicted what I knew and what I learned when writing this essay. I learned that I tend to write very long sentences that then make my argument unclear. I also thought it was really stressful because the essay requires a lot of focus and time. It took me three or four days to finish this essay when normally it takes only one. The strategies I took were bullet points, shortcuts, explaining one thing at the time, googling questions. I would analyze the article into all categories of rhetorical analysis. Also, something I did that was helpful was, googling some questions about rhetorical analysis to have as a reference when writing.  The process was great, but I always felt in stress to finish the assignments since the class is asynchronous. I would say the process worked for me, although I felt slightly rushed when writing which made things stressful for me. 


Essay #1 Reflection

Posted by Fahmida Akter on

In my opinion writing is one of the best ways to express ourselves. It gives us the total freedom to get creative and put our thoughts out. Usually I write down my own thoughts about the topic and try to go from there. It gives me the chance to understand the topic much better and helps me put things together in a better way. However, it became much more difficult as I had some issues with my draft.Writing this essay without any feedback became a lot more difficult than I anticipated. However, it became better after working with one of the articles because it gave me a better understanding for the next three. I am still not sure about the genre because I don’t think I explained it correctly. However, the topic I chose gave me much better feeling about the writing because it is something I can relate to. As a Muslim I have been in many situations where people questioned and made fun of my belief. It is an ongoing problem that has been going on for a very long time. However, This assignment was a great start for me to learn different type of writing. I look forward to improving my writing skills.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay#1 Reflection

Posted by Aditya Sankar Das on

I assume writing is a means of connecting with others to share the thoughts and conclusions toward such things. This helps our audience to gain awareness via our work because it is part of another way of expressing our voice. In my opinion, good writing relies on good skills that we can learn through practice. First, before I began writing my essay, I made a plan on how to start and finish it. It’s so important to the audience because the audience loses its interest if the start wasn’t successful. Then I worked on my body part of my essay, and I felt this is the most complicated part for me. On the first attempt, I knew that not everything would be flawless but my friends helped me so much on the peer review. They shared their ideas and helped me to devolve my essay. I had a great issue with grammar and punctuation from my childhood. But I think this essay writing will build up my grammar as well as my punctuation skills because I had to find the best articles that fit my criteria. As a result, I had to read so many articles and that helped me to overcome this situation. Another strategy that I used to write this essay is that before I start to write my essay I read the sample essays and follow their best strategies. Finally, this essay writing taught me a great deal to realize my shortcomings, and also how to strengthen them through practice and hard work. It helped me to progress my writing after the peer-reviewed process and my group guidance, which allowed me to get to know more about my writing quality.

Rhetorical Essay #1 Reflection

Posted by Chao Hong on

I believe that writing is one of the most effective ways of expressing one’s point of view. After learning about rhetorical situations and sources it taught me how often writing is created in response of a certain event that was happening during that time. It fit with what I already know because authors were able to put their thoughts and perspectives onto paper and influence and educate students and people all around the world. However, I only thought that a piece of text is only written with the thought of the author in mind, however, when finding rhetorical sources I found out that there are writings that are consisted of other people’s writings. A piece of writing doesn’t necessarily need to reflect on the point of view of an individual but it can also be informative and including both sides of an argument.

When writing the rhetorical essay a strategy that I often used was providing examples for each claim that was made. In addition, for the examples, I would have to provide evidence that is given in the text. This was successful because I was able to use the sources to expand on my topic. However, if I were to write another rhetorical essay I need to keep in mind how I can expand and elaborate on a topic I am writing about. Also, when writing the rhetorical essay I found out how important it is you understand what the author is trying to say to you. I was having trouble differentiating between purpose and stance and it is important to understand why the author is writing something and what he/she thinks about the topic he/she is writing about.

Rhetorical Essay 1 Reflection

Posted by Richard on

I think writing is a way for people to communicate, and persuade their ideas to another person whether or not they will understand it is up to how well the writing is. A few things that I learned are the MLA citing formatting which includes a bit more information than I originally know of. There isn’t really any strategies at least to my knowledge that I’ve used. I kind of just went into it and typing out what I think I needed to convey in my essay while following the requirements such as summary, rhetorical situation, audience, and so on. This process worked quite well but a few of the rhetorical analyses were confusing at times and it felt like I couldn’t really write a whole lot about it. Some of these include the genre of the sources which confused me greatly because it was quite simple and hard in the sense that you couldn’t really type a whole lot about it. Two more things that confused me were the rhetorical situation and purpose, both of which felt very similar in its function to the essay at least to me so it felt repetitive during and after the writing process. The stance is also something I had never written about before so it was a new experience in trying to write about it for each of the sources. I do think, however, I had pulled it off somewhat, it’s not perfect as I had wanted it but if I had to reconsider my approach I would definitely have planned the whole thing out more carefully and taken the time to really understand the requirements.

Essay #1 Reflection

Posted by Haseeb Chaudhury on

I believe writing is a form in which individuals can freely express themselves in any way they desire. Writing allows people to fully utilize their creativity to the full extent. We can learn the perspectives of people through their writing. What I learned when writing this essay is that rhetorical analysis is a great tool in writing because it allows individuals to influence their audience using a specific style of writing. It helps readers understand how certain authors write their text and the methods they employ throughout their writing. The strategies I used to approach this assignment is to find credible sources for my topic and find good evidence. This process did work for me as I managed to find trustworthy articles that managed to have good evidence. Also, in my essay, my approach was to write a good rhetorical analysis of the article. Initially, the process didn’t work because my analysis was lacking and I failed to tackle some of the rhetorical components such as audience and genre. However, after the review, I got from my peers and my professor I started to fix my errors. I had a better understanding of what genre really is as well as the various types of genres. I also had a better understanding of the certain types of audiences my article was written for as I failed to go in detail in my first draft. I felt that I had improved my rhetorical analysis of the article as well as having better elaboration and selection of my quotes. I learned a lot while writing this essay mainly by having a thorough analysis of the information of my articles and tackling the major components of the rhetorical analysis.

Essay #1 Reflection

Posted by Jaden Fabro on

I believe that writing is a form of self-expression, so as I wrote this essay I felt a bit restricted. I was used to adding my opinion and voice in my high school papers, so this assignment forced me to take a step back from that norm. However, it did make me focus on the articles that I choose, and I found myself taking a lot more time to really understand each one. I did this by highlighting any phrases that pointed to exigence, purpose, audience, genre, and stance. For each aspect of the article, I would choose a different color. This way, when I started to draft my essay, I already had a good idea of what I wanted to write about for each aspect of the article. It also meant that I readily had direct quotes that I could easily add into my paper for evidence. This approach was very successful for me because it helped me organize the exigence, purpose, audience, genre, and stance for each article. It also saved me a lot of time because I was able to easily locate what I needed instead of rereading the entire article. 

Essay #1 Reflection

Posted by Emily Sanchez on

Originally, whenever I thought about writing a type of poem, essay, report, I thought about it as an assignment more than a way of learning. Now, as I read through the feedback I received, it helped an immense amount to make me acknowledge the things I needed help with and to understand that writing is definitely something I need to work on through practice. I’ve never been big on writing, so everything I’m learning doesn’t contradict any information I previously knew, besides MLA format because growing up you’re taught you only need your name and a title and then write as much as you can, but the format does help to organize my work. Adapting this new information into my style of writing was difficult because I didn’t know how to word certain sentences to give the reader a better understanding. As well as having to look back at the articles and try to draw out who the audience would be, it was proven a bit difficult because I couldn’t find any parts of the text that helped me come to a conclusion, most of the essay was about interpreting, something I still struggle with. When first reading the feedback on my work, I got a little stressed because I didn’t realize I would have to rewrite almost my entire essay, however, the steps I took to approach revising my essay helped to improve my analysis a bit better. I started by rereading every article one by one, and as I finished one article I went back to my essay and I read over the feedback before attempting to take a new approach on my analysis. It helped to fix my essay because I didn’t just overwhelm myself with all the changes I needed to make, instead I took my time to read each article carefully and then read the small corrections presented to me with that one article before I moved on to the second one.

Essay #1 Reflection

Posted by Miranda McCants on

When writing essays the thought process has always been the easiest part for me. However, converting my thoughts into a well written essay is the difficult part for me. I felt that when writing the rhetorical analysis essay I was a bit repetitive because all of my sources were similar in which they wrote about the immigrant detention facilities abuse. when writing my draft I typed as much as I could even if it sounded repetitive, then went back and reread my sources and thought of new ideas. I felt that in some way the rhetorical analysis was quite easy because of the well organized format and the connecting questions that were asked. When reevaluating my essay I took my already written thoughts and expanded on them to bring a whole new idea to my analysis. This assignment being the first essay I have written in a while, I feel that I do need to work on converting my thoughts and ideas to a written response. The process of writing the rhetorical analysis genre paragraph was a bit difficult for me because I felt as if I was not explaining the genre correct or in a long paragraph. I enjoyed writing about my topic on immigration detention facilities because I felt that because of my families history I feel very strongly for immigrant people who are going through sickening times, and I feel that immigrant peoples voices need to be heard and something needs to be done. The rhetorical analysis paper was in my opinion a great start to get back into the routine of writing, and I look forward to the upcoming writing assignments.


Rhetorical Essay: Reflection

Posted by Alice Liu on

I believe that writing is a very complicated process. It was not easy making a good essay that would help me get an A in this assignment. I also felt like researching the articles was also an intricate process because I had to make sure the articles fit the criteria of the type of source. Some involved thinking and analyzing than just reading. What I learned that fits into what I know are that when writing a rhetorical analysis, it can be difficult to find the author’s stance towards the topic that they are writing. Some of my articles involved more analysis and thinking of their quotes in order to discover what the author’s stance is. This further proves that writing is a very complicated process, especially in a rhetorical analysis.

The strategy that I used to approach this writing assignment is to analyze the articles ad highlight any significant quotes that I would use to support my statements of the author’s genre, audience, rhetorical situations, exigence, purpose, and stance. By finding the similarities in the ideas the quote is trying to express or convey, I used it to connect some of the concepts together. For example, by discovering the author’s stance in abortion as pro-choice and their identity as a director in a pro-choice organization, I was able to connect them together with the audience and the genre. The genre was a persuasive essay and I was able to connect the author’s stance to who she was trying to persuade, the audience of this article. This strategy was successful because I was able to save some word count and hopefully it made the essay flow better without separating it into, “The stance is…The genre is…”.

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