Essay #1 Reflection

I believe writing is a form in which individuals can freely express themselves in any way they desire. Writing allows people to fully utilize their creativity to the full extent. We can learn the perspectives of people through their writing. What I learned when writing this essay is that rhetorical analysis is a great tool in writing because it allows individuals to influence their audience using a specific style of writing. It helps readers understand how certain authors write their text and the methods they employ throughout their writing. The strategies I used to approach this assignment is to find credible sources for my topic and find good evidence. This process did work for me as I managed to find trustworthy articles that managed to have good evidence. Also, in my essay, my approach was to write a good rhetorical analysis of the article. Initially, the process didn’t work because my analysis was lacking and I failed to tackle some of the rhetorical components such as audience and genre. However, after the review, I got from my peers and my professor I started to fix my errors. I had a better understanding of what genre really is as well as the various types of genres. I also had a better understanding of the certain types of audiences my article was written for as I failed to go in detail in my first draft. I felt that I had improved my rhetorical analysis of the article as well as having better elaboration and selection of my quotes. I learned a lot while writing this essay mainly by having a thorough analysis of the information of my articles and tackling the major components of the rhetorical analysis.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Aditya Sankar Das
    Haseeb I agree with you. I think writing is a medium in which people can express themselves openly in whatever way they want. I think your strategy is so strong. You explained from the beginning how you start to write your essay. Even you worked with your resources to make your essay strong and reliable. I think I also have the same issue with my genre. But our professor helped me a lot to find the best article that fits my criteria. Also, you shared a lot of your experience and strategies, and I will definitely follow them in my next essay writing.
  2. Andrew Mark Salmieri
    Haseeb, I second your view that writing is a mechanism through which we can freely express ourselves. I somewhat alluded to that in my response. I respect that you admitted your shortcomings and admire you for being so open about it. Your strategy was very well planned out and I feel that your final draft was probably amazing. Thank your for reflecting on this process.

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