Essay #2 Report on Research in Progress

At the current time, I am writing this report on my research for my essay, I have found 4 scholarly sources and 2 media sources. I found my scholarly sources using Google Scholar and my media sources online. The scholarly sources I have chosen are credible and reliable since they were constructed by experts within a specific field that has been peer-reviewed by others.

For my first scholarly source, I have decided on “Human Rights and Coronavirus: What’s at Stake for Truth, Trust, and Democracy?” by Alicia Ely Yamina and Roojin Habibi. This article states how the effects of coronavirus in terms of the government’s actions regarding the public and the health care system. I feel like this article will be really useful in my essay because it discusses how WHO has never published a specific way, in government policies to prevent the spread of COVID, therefore, each country has to find their own way to deal with this pandemic which can involve in the violation of human rights. The authors explain how not every country follows the same government policies therefore, some governments may act differently in such a case. Also, the authors also state how people are not the same, everyone has their own circumstances, positions, ethnicity, and etc. This scholarly article is useful for me because it shows how the violation of human rights is circumstantial and it depends on several points since not every government is the same and not every person are the same.

For my first media source, “Still Confused About Masks? here’s the Science Behind How to Face Masks Prevent Coronavirus,” by Nina Bai while it isn’t a scholarly source it will be really useful to include the information that is given in this text. Within the article, the author included experiments and data from tests regarding the effectiveness of masks in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. This information is crucial to me since I am writing on how people believe the quarantine and safety measures taken by the governments are a violation of human rights. One of their major arguments is that masks are useless and do not prevent the spread of diseases. Therefore, by having information on the effectiveness of masks I can conclude the validity of people’s claims.

I have yet to finish analyzing all of the sources since I decided to drop some of my sources. For example, I have decided to not use “Indian uses coronavirus pandemic to exploit human rights in Kashmir,” by Omer Aijazi. The reason for not including this in my reesearch essay is because while it is discussing about Coronavirus and it’s affects on human rights, I believe since the audience I am trying to connect to are generally those of the United States. The difference in government and environment isn’t ideal for the audience I am trying to target. Since every government system is different in policies and objectives it wouldn’t make sense for me to use a source that is discussing about COVID in India.


Cheng, Vincent Chi-Chung, et al. “The Role of Community-Wide Wearing of Face Mask for Control of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Epidemic Due to SARS-CoV-2.” Journal of Infection, W.B. Saunders, 23 Apr. 2020,  (Scholarly Source)

“Still Confused About Masks? Here’s the Science Behind How Face Masks Prevent Coronavirus.” Still Confused About Masks? Here’s the Science Behind How Face Masks Prevent Coronavirus | UC San Francisco, 16 Oct. 2020,

“Human Rights and Coronavirus: What’s at Stake for Truth, Trust, and Democracy?” Health and Human Rights Journal, 2 Mar. 2020,

Additional informationNotes on contributorsYi ZhengYi Zheng is a lecturer in Human Resource Management in the School of Management and Tourism at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, and ReferencesABC News. (2020). Coronavirus is a public health emergency. World Health Organisation declares. [Google Scholar]BBC News. (2020. “The Effects of Misleading Media Reports about COVID-19 on Chinese Tourists’ Mental Health: a Perspective Article.” Taylor & Francis,

Aijazi, Omer. “India Uses Coronavirus Pandemic to Exploit Human Rights in Kashmir.” Https://, The Conversation, 7 May 2020,


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