Essay #2 Report on Research in Progress


I have found 4 scholarly sources and 3 media sources. I found all my scholarly sources using the CCNY library database and my media sources online. My scholarly sources are reliable since they are peer-reviewed and are written by people who have a lot of experience in that area. 


My first media source is called “How Are America’s Public Schools Really Doing?” by Valerie Strauss, which talks about the state of American public schools and observes how students are performing. There is a lot of statistics involving confidence in American public schools, standardized test scores, and classroom performance. This is clear throughout the article because it mentions a lot of statistics for the performance of public high schools. This can help me with my essay because it is completely objective as the article utilizes statistics to analyze the situation of American public high schools instead of having a position. My second media source is “Is America’s School System Truly Broken? By Zastrow, Marvin C . This article goes through various issues like the lack of training the teachers receive and how the curriculum is insufficiently challenging. The article addresses the roots of the quality of education within its teachers in that they are incapable of teaching due to the lack of training they receive. This article can show how the quality of American education needs to be reformed in order for students to prosper in their lives. My last media source is “5 Ways Policy Makers Can Improve the Quality of Education” by the school of education presents 5 potential ways in improving the quality of education. It mentions how the United States is ranked 35th in terms of education in the world which shows that it is ranked as one of the lowest in terms of education as it is behind other countries. Students in America are behind students in other countries because our teaching methods are not up to date with other countries. This article can help me with my essay because it addresses good solutions to my question. 


My first scholarly source was The Problem With American Education.” by Marvin C. Zastrow. This article shows that motivation plays a major role in the quality of education. This article mentions other issues such as the grading system, the pressure on students, and methods of learning. This article can help me with my essay because it also mentions possible solutions such as potential solutions to the quality of American education such as giving weekly period length tests, grading all tests except finals as pass or fail, and requiring students that fail weekly tests to attend review sessions until they pass the test. Another solution it addresses would be to implement a flexible schedule within the curriculum so it makes it easier for students to learn. My second scholarly article is “Review of Improving Quality in American Higher Education: Learning Outcomes and Assessments for the 21st Century, by Jillian Kinzie which focuses on the improvement of the quality of education of the United States within the 21st century. It addresses that college is not worth the price and that students are not prepared to enter the work field because of the lack of skills education teaches. My third scholarly article is “A System in Crisis – It is unrealistic to expect a system constructed in nineteenth-century America to provide what a twenty-first-century America needs.” by Eugene W. Hickok which addresses that the performance of American schools has declined over time. Its main focus stems from teachers getting money and benefits and not trying to improve classroom instruction and equipment. Teachers have the responsibility of guiding and ensuring the students prosper and succeed. However, not all teachers are competent in their field which is another issue within the quality of American education. My last scholarly source is “Improving Education.” from the American Association for the Advancement of Science which talks about various ways to improve the education system. For example, it talks about students learning concepts rather than memorizing them, the curriculum students are going through, and the quality of teachers in how they are handling the classroom and their methods. Overall, I feel like all I need to do is to organize all of my information from the sources I’ve gathered.


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Comments ( 5 )

  1. Christine Castillo
    It looks like you have found some great sources for your essay, I think “A system in crisis” sounds particularly intriguing. Good luck with your first draft!
  2. Faith Morales
    The education system in America is clearly broken so I'm really glad you are using your time to bring attention to it. I think you are off to a great start when it comes to your essay. You have a clear analysis of each and I think you're ready to go. Good luck with your essay. Hopefully, I get to read it.
  3. Andrew Mark Salmieri
    I find your topic to be really interesting! Your source, "The Problem With American Education” by Marvin C. Zastrow was particularly interesting due to the way it addressed educational inequity through encouraging pass/fail for all tests but the final. Definitely gets you thinking about solutions for this issue. Best of luck on your first draft!!
  4. Chao Hong
    I like how you are using a large number of resources to write your essay. I really like how you analyzed each of your sources to find out the specific information you found important for the construction of your essay. It looks like you have found both media sources and scholarly sources to base your research on, I find this really useful because each type of source has their own benefits.
  5. Hudibel Ovalles
    The Public School system in the United States is broken in many ways; sadly, this issue doesn't have deserved. Whenever I think of the future generations, I feel terrible; it is not good for us now, imagine it for them too. And the sad part is that we are far from a change. I think each of your sources is pretty good structured; I'm happy about the sources so far. Keep going!

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