Question: What kind of laws are legally relevant to school bullying? And what are the effects of school bullying? Influence in schools or in the community?

The name of the publication: American Medical Association

Essay Model: “Bullying, Psychosocial Adjustment, and Academic Performance in Elementary School” by Gwen M. Glew, MD; Ming-Yu Fan, PhD; Wayne Katon, MD; Frederick P. Rivara, MD; Mary A. Kernic, PhD, MPH.

The motivation behind why the research point on school bullying interests me is that it is a pervasive issue that is hidden in our general society. I am currently living on campus, so I can identify with the awful idea of school bullying. School bullying harms the victim physically, it additionally harms the mental agony that an individual feels. There are numerous variables that lead to school bullying, for example, looks, family background, race, or unimportant clashes that lead to school bullying all exist. In the student questionnaires, it is evident that in experiencing school bullying, the parents will not know anything about the bullying that happens to the student at school. In other words, students are overwhelmingly afraid to tell those around them about their bullying, and they are psychologically afraid to confront school bullying and create a protective state for themselves. The next thing is the fear of the bully inflicting the bullying on them. In addition, there is a kind of bystander role in school bullying, bystanders do not report or stop the bullying from happening because they are afraid of being implicated. Worse yet, those who experience school bullying over time will experience depression, doubt themselves, and even rise to suicide because of the psychological devastation.

Additionally, I found from the information I looked through that school bullying affects scholastics. As indicated by the information study report it was reasoned that kids who were bullying would play truant to avoid the bullying.” A study of 204 Midwestern American middle and high school students found that 90% said they had a drop in grades, an increase in anxiety, and a loss of friends or social life as a result of bullying.” In the United States, there are relatively few federal laws regarding school bullying. But all fifty states in the U.S. have anti-bullying laws, and they can document and investigate cases of bullying in schools. Furthermore, they can take action to stop the bullying. School bullying has even increased the rate of carrying guns to school, fighting, smoking, plagiarism, and a host of other social hazards. In summary, the sources of information on school bullying are largely based on the results of the bullying questionnaires derived from the academic and psychological harms that school bullying brings, not only to the school, but also to society.

The primary subject of my article is understudies who have encountered school bullying at school. I think more educators, understudies, and guardians will focus on the threats of school bullying.  Besides caution guardians that the manner in which they instruct and care needs to change and propose that the school education system be more exacting. More educators need to go to keep up education atmosphere to diminish the threat of school bullying.

Work Cited:

Gwen M. Glew, MD; Ming-Yu Fan, PhD; Wayne Katon, MD; Frederick P. Rivara, MD; Mary A. Kernic, PhD, MPH. “Bullying, Psychosocial Adjustment, and Academic Performance in Elementary School.” November 2005 Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2005;159(11):1026-1031. doi:10.1001/archpedi.159.11.1026


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  1. Christine Castillo
    Such an important issue!! The resources you have found already are great and I am quite interested to see which stage of education you explore the serious effects of bullying and to watch your essay unfold. Good luck!
  2. Andrey Musin
    This is a very pressing issue! I am deeply interested in what you'll have for us with your analysis of bullying in academia. I think this is a largely silent issue and it might even seem to be vastly different in regards to gender. I wish you luck in your endeavor!
  3. Alice Liu
    Bullying is an important issue that is prevalent in a school setting, and no matter how much we spread anti-stop bullying messages, unfortunately, bullying is still going on. I'm interested to learn about what are some political responses that are relevant to school bullying. You also have a good model essay. I look forward to reading your essay!
  4. Miranda McCants
    Good job on your research proposal! I do feel that any form of bullying is most definitely a relevant social issue in today's society. I liked your model essay. Keep up the good work!!
  5. Haseeb Chaudhury
    I feel like bullying is a social issue that needs to be addressed since it can physically and mentally hurt someone which is something that needs to be avoided in a school setting. I'm interested to see in what you research!
  6. Marat Potapov
    This topic goes hand in hand with so many others and they need to be adressed. Often thing slike this can lead out of hand and lead to things like school shootings, suicide, or maybe even worse. Mentally scaring someone for life is not something that I think any one wants. However I would approach this from a pscyhological level. More focusing on why kids bully each other rather, or would ever consider death at such a young age. Good topic, cant wait to read more!
  7. Erezana Morina
    I really like your choice of topic! I feel like it is such an important and powerful social issue because so many people are affected. It is also sad to know that people who experience school bullying are quiet and not loud about it. I also feel like we need more awareness. Keep going!!
  8. Fahmida Akter
    This is one of the important social issues that needed to be talked about. Even though it might seem like bullying is not occurring as much as before, it is still a problem and there needs to be a solution. I am really looking forward to reading your essay to learn more about it.

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