Question: “What social and psychological factors influence rates of depression among college students in the United States, and how do institutions of higher education and individuals as themselves help to mitigate these risk factors?”

The name of the publication: Triggers and Strategies to Alleviate Depression Among College Students in the U.S.

Essay Model: “College Students: Mental Health Problems and Treatment Considerationsby Paola PedrelliMaren NyerAlbert YeungCourtney Zulauf, and Timothy Wilens. (

This research question interests me because many people from different groups and demographics must have something they concern about, especially students that come from high school to college, since everything will change and they will face many distinct challenges, but also to form a part of their new experiences. Since then, as college students, they have symbolized as adults now. This response is a part of them becoming more independent and no longer relying on their parents as before. In other words, the university will create a sense of environmental change, while they also have to get used to certain things and adapt to a new whole place and its surroundings. Next, it connects to social action because all of these stresses and depression that each individual will face and has, such as any obstacles and troubles, might lead to some of them (college students) into committing suicide or other misconduct actions due to their impulse, or any other reasons.

This is an essential issue because it is a concern that many college students worry about because of their personal or social difficulties, which may lead to various serious results. Also, as for college students, they have to adapt to many things and at the same time being independent in an age where they couldn’t support all of them of a sudden. So, it is important that we get to know more about depression triggers and what we and other people from high institutions can do to help each other and the community in order to prevent any risk factors. By extension, with all of these in mind, I will look for secondary sources to help me answer the common social and psychological factor influences of depression, but also the importance of higher institutions and as individuals themselves to overcome this issue. As said, the sources will be primarily based on the causes of depression among college students in the USA and some of its treatments.

This research focuses on the audience as college students since they are the main characters for this topic (depression triggers), parents, and people from higher institutions such as instructors, advisors, counselors, and psychologists to help guide the students to overcome some struggles and to reduce the risk factors caused by depression. The audience will be based on them because this writing concentrates on depression amongst college students, but also the connection or relationships between them to their parents, and individuals from higher institutions to help them guide through their obstacles, and prevent any circumstances caused by this matter, also with the idea to get more understanding about this issue.


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  1. Aditya Sankar Das
    Hi Elena, It seems like you have done great research. You know what you are doing. I saw that you have a lot of resources that will help you to boost your research. I liked your writing style. Everything is very clear. You have provided all your publication name, essay question. Also, you have a great topic. Nowadays, depression is now a great mental issue for college students. You have answered all the questions in a different paragraph instead of writing altogether. That's why it's easy to read and it's very well organized. I will definitely follow this style next time.
  2. Jaden Fabro
    I really like how you'll be discussing mental health in your research paper. It's only recently that people have started to break away from the taboo of talking about things like mental disorders and treatments like therapy. I think the research that you'll do will be very informative and much needed especially since we are in a pandemic. Good luck!
  3. Andrew Mark Salmieri
    I really appreciate you choosing the topic of mental health for your essay. For some people, it is hard to understand the stress and competition that college students face. We are trying to juggle college commitments, work, and family. I second Jaden's assertion that people have only recently broken away from the taboo of talking about mental health. You have done a lot of research and I am sure your essay will come out great!
  4. Jiajie Liang
    Hi, Elena! The information you seek is comprehensive and I can learn a lot about what causes depression from your information. It has brought my attention to this topic and I like the questions you have raised. This topic deserves a deeper discussion in medicine. Enjoyed your research paper and I think your article will get a high score.
  5. Edward Quezada
    Hi Elena, we both share similar interests in the subject of college! I think your research topic on mental health is really interesting since it relates to so many of us. Your extensive list of sources along with your description of the social issue shows you are very well prepared for this essay.
  6. Faith Morales
    Hey! I really like your question of choice. I think it is a very relatable topic especially for us trying to adjust to college life. I think based on your own personal ideas and your research you are prepared to really dive deep into this essay. I look forward to reading what you write. Good luck!

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