Rhetorical Essay: Reflection

I believe that writing is a very complicated process. It was not easy making a good essay that would help me get an A in this assignment. I also felt like researching the articles was also an intricate process because I had to make sure the articles fit the criteria of the type of source. Some involved thinking and analyzing than just reading. What I learned that fits into what I know are that when writing a rhetorical analysis, it can be difficult to find the author’s stance towards the topic that they are writing. Some of my articles involved more analysis and thinking of their quotes in order to discover what the author’s stance is. This further proves that writing is a very complicated process, especially in a rhetorical analysis.

The strategy that I used to approach this writing assignment is to analyze the articles ad highlight any significant quotes that I would use to support my statements of the author’s genre, audience, rhetorical situations, exigence, purpose, and stance. By finding the similarities in the ideas the quote is trying to express or convey, I used it to connect some of the concepts together. For example, by discovering the author’s stance in abortion as pro-choice and their identity as a director in a pro-choice organization, I was able to connect them together with the audience and the genre. The genre was a persuasive essay and I was able to connect the author’s stance to who she was trying to persuade, the audience of this article. This strategy was successful because I was able to save some word count and hopefully it made the essay flow better without separating it into, “The stance is…The genre is…”.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Miranda McCants
    I enjoyed reading your Essay #1 Reflection! Great Work! I feel you when you mentioned that writing is a complicated process. I also had trouble finding the correct sources, while also making sure they fit the criteria. The strategy you mentioned about highlighting important information and quotes will help me on my next writing assignment, I used to do that and I honestly forgot how helpful it is.
  2. Emily Sanchez
    I completely understand struggling to find the right resources that would fit into a specific criteria, especially when I'm not much or an interpreter or someone who analyzes an article good. I think your approach at completing the assignment was very good because it takes paying attention and highlighting the information you are reading about, in order to properly get an idea about what you want to write.
  3. Haseeb Chaudhury
    I also had struggled in finding the right source for my topic because it involved a lot of analyzing the information of the article. I used a similar strategy in trying to find important quotes that would support the rhetorical analysis of the article.

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