Essay #1 Reflection

When writing essays the thought process has always been the easiest part for me. However, converting my thoughts into a well written essay is the difficult part for me. I felt that when writing the rhetorical analysis essay I was a bit repetitive because all of my sources were similar in which they wrote about the immigrant detention facilities abuse. when writing my draft I typed as much as I could even if it sounded repetitive, then went back and reread my sources and thought of new ideas. I felt that in some way the rhetorical analysis was quite easy because of the well organized format and the connecting questions that were asked. When reevaluating my essay I took my already written thoughts and expanded on them to bring a whole new idea to my analysis. This assignment being the first essay I have written in a while, I feel that I do need to work on converting my thoughts and ideas to a written response. The process of writing the rhetorical analysis genre paragraph was a bit difficult for me because I felt as if I was not explaining the genre correct or in a long paragraph. I enjoyed writing about my topic on immigration detention facilities because I felt that because of my families history I feel very strongly for immigrant people who are going through sickening times, and I feel that immigrant peoples voices need to be heard and something needs to be done. The rhetorical analysis paper was in my opinion a great start to get back into the routine of writing, and I look forward to the upcoming writing assignments.


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  1. Emily Sanchez
    I completely understand wanting to gather all your thoughts into a well written essay without actually repeating yourself over and over again. Whenever I write essays like these I feel like my brain can't find new ways to rewrite the same topic, I feel like I end up just restating a thought I already previously said. I think it's great that you chose a topic you were interested in because it makes writing about it less of an assignment and more of an educational piece.
  2. Jaden Fabro
    I also relate to having difficulty getting my thoughts down coherently and effectively when I had to write this essay. As I was drafting it, I frequently had or in a separate tab because of how I felt like I kept using the same words and phrases. And even then, it still felt like I was being repetitive because it seemed like I was just saying the same things in different words. However, I do agree that this was a great essay to use to start writing again because of its format.
  3. Haseeb Chaudhury
    I had the same issue as you did with the receptiveness of my essay since all my articles had similar issues relating to education. Explaining the rhetorical analysis especially the genre and the audience can seem difficult because its hard to figure out what the author is really saying as well as identifying their type of writing. Its good that you had a topic that you liked since you had an easier time writing it in comparison to a topic that you aren't interested in.
  4. Andrew Mark Salmieri
    I have the same issue of repeating myself. Ughhhh, it's so hard to overcome. Not repeating yourself in a rhetorical analysis is even harder when each component of it is trying to dissect what exactly an author is writing about. I think it's great that you wrote about a topic that you care deeply about, as that should definitely make your writing much more vivid.

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